Christine Nkonge, lawyer, Kenya

Christine is a Kenyan layer who attended our 2016 East Africa Litigation Surgery in Kampala, Uganda

She was motivated to attend the training as it was very common at the time for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and journalists in Kenya to be targeted with arrests and charges which violated their freedom of expression. The institution she works for received many cases referred from CSO’s, and she wanted to be able to support them.

“Because of the training, I know how best to use these arguments”

Christine found the training gave her the knowledge and skills that she needed. The legal arguments and case law she learned during the training have been useful in developing arguments in other cases concerning the right to privacy or freedom of assembly. “Because of the training, I know how best to use these arguments”. She also finds the MLDI manual useful and incorporates arguments from it into her work as well as sharing it with other lawyers working on freedom of expression cases.

“I’m sure the learnings will remain relevant for me in my work, considering many of the issues that are coming up at the moment around freedom of expression in the country”

Christine also appreciates the network of journalists that the training has connected her with. Though she hasn’t yet been able to collaborate with lawyers outside of her organization, she is now part of the WhatsApp network and follows developments on freedom of expression in East Africa.

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