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Donate £10

Help us to support more journalists by donating as little as £10. In many of the countries we work in a few hundred pounds can be enough to provide legal defence to a journalist in need.


Donate your time

If you have skills to share: we would love to hear from you. Whether you’re a lawyer, a graphic designer, a data analyst or copywriter; we are always looking to make use of qualified and skilled individuals.


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Source/buy independent news

Wherever you are in the world, seek out and support independent news outlets and blogs. Who knows what you might learn?


Talk to someone about what you’ve learned

Have you learned something new about the threats to press freedom? Spread the word and talk to your networks about it!


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Use your networks to spread the word and celebrate 10 years of Media Defence by sharing a link on your social media accounts.


Donate to one of our partners

Our funded media defence partners provide crucial legal services to journalists and media in their countries. Help them to support more people by donating.


Combat the impact of misinformation and 'fake news'

While fact-checking has emerged as vital tool to address the spread of misinformation, the fact-checkers themselves are often facing similar threats to the journalists we support. Learn more about our support for fact-checkers.


Watch our animation

Learn more about how we support journalists, bloggers and media outlets.