Alexandre Niyungeko, President of the Burundi Union of Journalists. ©Iwacu

2015 -


In 2015 we embarked on our five year strategy ‘Building on Strength’ which aims to facilitate high quality legal defence, ensure a high impact of our work and build partnerships.

For the first time the proportion of cases concerning online and digital media overtook traditional media cases. To meet the demand we deepened our work on freedom of expression online and digital rights.

Building on our training curriculum, we carried out our first East Africa Litigation Surgery, training 12 lawyers from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The workshops focused on freedom of expression and developing knowledge of international human rights mechanisms.

We obtained a judgment from the East African Court of Justice (EACJ) in Burundi Journalists Union v. The Attorney General of the Republic of Burundi. Although the results of the judgment were mixed, the EACJ clarified that it does have jurisdiction to consider cases where there has been a violation of the right to freedom of expression, therefore opening up new avenues to access justice. Read more about the case.


Number of new cases supported: 56