Advocacy training in the Gambia

2017 -


2017 was our busiest year to date, supporting more cases, strategic litigation and partners than ever before.

By the end of 2016, the Turkish government had used a state of emergency law to order the closure of at least 189 newspapers, television and radio stations, publishers and news agencies. In response to the political situation in Turkey we deepened the amount of support we provide. We supported a number of individual cases and funded three different partner organisations based in the country to strengthen the defence available to independent Turkish media.

In the Gambia, following the departure of ousted former President Yahya Jammeh, we seized on the opportunity to expand press freedom in the country. We held workshops in the Gambia to help lawyers, journalists, activists and campaigners to navigate and challenge existing laws that threaten freedom of expression in the country.


Number of new cases supported: 85