Zunar 2018

2018 -


Last year we achieved some important judgments such as in FAJ v the Gambia at the ECOWAS Court. We supported the Malaysian cartoonist Zunar who was facing sedition charges and 43 years in prison over a series of tweets – the charges have now been dropped. We also supported a case that achieved a positive outcome for well-known Montenegrin investigative journalist Tufik Softic who was awarded damages after Montenegrin authorities failed to carry out an effective investigation into two violent attacks – one outside his home and another involving a bomb.

We have continued to strengthen our network of media defence partners and have started to work with partners in Honduras, Pakistan, Poland and the Middle East and North African (MENA) region.

Last year we also began a digital rights and freedom of expression online training programme aimed specifically at strengthening the defence available to online media across Sub-Saharan Africa.

With 188 ongoing cases and a growing network of 15 funded partners providing legal defence in their respective countries, we are continuing to strengthen the quality and amount of legal defence available to independent media.

Number of new cases supported: 98


10 years in numbers